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Friday, 17 July 2015

All City Queens Book

Our girl Syrup's book she has been working on for the last 1.5 years with Chris Moore
[designer] drops in December. This book documents female writers and crews from around the world featuring exclusive pictures from:

Utah, Miss 17, Claw, Klor 123, Musa, Angel, Queen Andrea, Jerk, Sany, Motel 7, Lady Pink, Mickey, FewnFar [including Meme, Merlot, Dime, Toofly, Kazilla], TNT ( including Throne, Ruby, Oner, CBloxx and Aylo), Stick Up Girlz( including Sinae, Fluro, Spice, Sax, Oche, Shiro and La Eire Gata). Ivey and Dsent, Chulas Clan, Female Soul ( including Kif, Fiber, Kiddo, Sax). TSoup, LA Kyd, Kween 897, Girls On Top ( including Chock, Poise, Sear, Lyns, Pixie, Bubs, She, Candie, Rez, Neo and Syrup), Miss Veneno,Minaw collective, Ms Shyne, Kwim, Moa, Mali, Hipie, Vickie, Kat, Lady K, Lady Kisa, SGX, Chil, Pamta, Mymo, Zaire, GLV, Bjae, Traumas, Yu-Baba and Zurik.

For updates follow them on and also on their instagram page. Peace


Sunday, 15 February 2015

GOT Melbourne (Poise and Sear)

Ok so we are really slack at updating our blog, but we are busy ladies! At the end of last year Aussie legends Poise and Sear agreed to join the crew, and we are stoked to have them, here's some paintings by them, enjoy :)

Sear is up first...

Sear and Poise together ...

Ladie Poise... 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

GOT Colours show in Newcastle 2013

We had a show last year based on Colours. We picked red, green, yellow, blue and purple and all made a piece of work in these colour schemes. here's some photos from the show that was at the Tower Gallery in Newcastle last November. Thanks to GMC for the support and jokes.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

All City Queens book coming soon

'All City Queens' is a new female graffiti book coming out next year which is a collaborative piece of work by Syrup from Girls On Top and Cause For Concern and the photographer Nicholas Ganz; author of 'Graffiti Women'. If you would like to be featured in this new book please get in touch with Syrup. You can message her on her or email, or contact her via the new All City Queens facebook page which has just been set up. This book features trains, freights, bombing, full colour productions and outlines. Some of the photo's already sent are heavy! Please remember All City Queens can not feature any images previously shown on the internet. Thanks