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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Chock x Paint My Panda x Eastpak

Our Chock has got a show up at the Eastpak store on Carnaby Street in London until the 20th January.  It is show casing prints, paintings and some nice graff snaps... go check it if you are in London :)

CHOCK >>> Paint My Panda & Girls On Top

“Chock” is a female graffiti artist hailing from S.W London originally….

 I have been using spray cans for 14 years and now teach graffiti skills in schools and youth clubs all over England for the past 6 years.

Paint My Panda is my company named because I could not stop painting pandas! It has developed into a successful business offering workshops and commissioned mural work. I have worked for clients such as Eastpak, The Dogs Trust & Playstation.

My style is influenced by graffiti from New York, London and Amsterdam. I studied fine art at Manchester Met. University. I like to incorporate fine art techniques into my work to give graffiti styles more depth and character. Artists such as Claus Oldenburg, Jeff Koons, Henri Matisse & Franz Marc, have influenced me. I love to paint landscapes and animals and enjoy reading science fiction and watching movies.

Girls On Top is a female graffiti crew started in 2000 to try and help unite the girls within the graffiti scene, as it is so male dominated. It is still going strong and we now put on a yearly graffiti jam where we invite as many girls as possible to come and paint a massive space together. 

If you would like to get in touch about anything my email is:

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